One writer will fix this story 4

It was wired all mothers where in top of children’s, the sound’s start to get smaller and smaller till I wake up by my mom hugging my father, he was wet from his waist down, his pants was folded up to his knees and he was carrying a box with meals for us,we went back home and everything was different the fridge was on another position part of the sealing was not there my bed and sofa where wet it was a different house they start cleaning and my father went back to work, playing with my bike I so my mother talking to the neighbor like she was mad I went inside the house and it was not light, lately there was no light in the house till like few minutes before my father come back from work that day dad came home early and find out what was happening the neighbor was the one cutting the lights because he want my mother to be with him, dad went to talk to the neighbor who was drinking with a friend in the back yard that we share, I so the conversation going in to and argument, went the neighbor friend took out a big knife from his package and stab dad on his back I cried,dad run he follow dad and stabbing two times more dad took a big bucket and tried to cover from his attempts to keep stabbing him mom was crying the neighbor suddenly push him away and he run dad was laid in the floor cover with blood……


One writer will fix this story 3

Everything was normal exept for Yony the was not there he didn’t com back home for some days, we didn’t care that much those days about Yony missing because we have chivila she was a chiva pet every afternoon we use to go to the back yard  and eat dinner by her side, my brother use to put some of the black balls she was having all around, on his rice, one day we went looking for chivila and she was not there, mom said she did the same as Yony did and she will come back home, that day they cook a big meal with a delicious meat that me and my brother enjoy a lot, my parents were packing because they said David was coming it was something that everybody on the neighborhood was leaving and looking for shelter we was very exited about David coming and all this packing,we get to this big library where was packed with people and a lot of children to play with,my father kiss a good by and said he got to go back home to protected, we was playing around went suddenly the light went of, we hear sounds like big dogs where flying and barking in the air, windows glasses was flying every where my mom push us to the bottom of a big table and cover us with her body I so my aunt cry and past out on the floor my mom run to her and slide her to our side a big book shell fall almost in top of our table, with the lights coming true the windows I was able to see  every body crying and hugging………..

One writer will fix this story 2

my dad sitting in the sofa he was very upset, hold our hands and took us out again true the front door.Mom went inside talk to him and everything went  back to normal. Was a weekend so they decide to go to the bar next corner with some friends me and my brother stay alone because we was not scare of nothing they never teach us about to be scare we never was told about scary stories the darkness for us was normal we not even watch scoobye doo. While I was sleeping I felt my brother shaking me, I ask what do you want and he reply look at the corner of the bed I look and there was a woman at her knees with her hands in top of the bed like praying position she was brown color black hair with a big wrap pony tale, her eyes where close, at that moment I felt for the first time scare of the unknown, we stay a long time looking at her them we decided to get up and run, we run from the bed but the back door was lock and we was too small to reach it, we was in panic at the door, went we so our dog Yony a German shepherd running true the hallway and jump at the door and the door open, we went outside just in underwear we walk to the bar and find our parents we told them what jus happened, they carry us back home. went we get at the house door…………

One writer will fix this story 1

The mangos where yellow and delicious, suddenly i feel a bad itching on my feet that make me start running i was having ants all around my legs, the neighbor start yelling, put some clothes and shoes girl,  my mother reply, I’m tired of telling this girl to don’t take her clothes off. I went inside home by the kitchen door where i use to have my little chair i sat and start scratching my legs and feet, mom was looking at me and saying “good that happen to you for not listening to me” i use to be very scare of my mom she was weird but my dad was very different from her. Mom rarely smile just argues in one occasion she hit me with a boot on my chest by mistake, she throw it to my father, because she was ironing the clothing and dad came drunk, laid in the bed and ask her to take his clothes off she did, and his underwear where dirty with period, she too the iron and press it on his butt, i was really scare he stand up and press the iron on her arm, the house turn in to a tornado everything was flying one of those was the boot who land on my chest,dad push us out of the house and lock the door, mi little bother mom and me went to grandma house to pass the knight. Next day we went back and start knocking at the door and he was not responding we knock for hours, mom ask the neighbor to force the door i was the first to go inside home went i so…………..